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Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 18 (Italy 19) Review


"The First Supper"


Synopsis: Art is never finished, only abandoned! Strange portraits of the Lupin group, and even Rebecca, begin to appear on the side of buildings. Lupin is approached by both Nix and Inspector Zenigata in inquiry, but Lupin has only one idea: go to the Santa Maria delle Grazie Basilica. It is there where a several course feast has been prepared for them and even Nix's boss at the MI6. As the meal is eaten, Lupin pieces together that this has something to do with Uraga's research and British intelligence. But just who is their enigmatic host and what does he have planned for the diners in this holy abode? It'll take a true Renaissance Man to uncover the truth in this matter!

Batman & Robin Eternal #18 Review


In which Batman fights the Kool-Aid man's star pupil.


As a new fight nears, in the past Mother sneers, and as the shroud disappears on dark deeds in past years, it all ends in tears. The shocking truth is revealed about Harper and Batman's bungled gamble in the eighteenth installment of DC's weekly Batman chronicle. Dick, Tim, Jason, and the rest are in the worst possible place for an outbreak of a virus that turns kids into killers, Mother ends up on top even while at rock bottom, there's panic in the panic room, and... is that Poppy Ashmore in the tube next to Orphan? Huh. Anyway, a lot is revealed, some of it we didn't even already know! (Like, apparently, Harper's mom was part of her father's criminal activity, albeit reluctantly.)

Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 17 (Italy 18) Review


"The Murdering Marionette"


Synopsis: A man named Greco holds a cultlike control of masses at his church, promising them justice by pronouncing the deaths of criminals who subsequently all end up dead. This time he says a final reckoning has come for the Lupin gang! The fearless foursome intend to take it to the pernicious priest, but they get caught in his trap and told that one of them is unknowingly his agent against the others. In the underground labyrinth, will Lupin's crew succumb to paranoia? Who is the backstabber (boobstabber, really) in the gang? With the odds against them, they'll need a bit of monkey business to win through!


Batman & Robin Eternal #17 Review


"Shit, I knew I dropped the Batmobile's keys somewhere around here."


Mother is cuffed, Batman is roughed, Orphan is tough, and Harp's in a huff in the seventeenth episode of DC's weekly Batman escapade. We get more of the flashback to the past than ever with Batman's bluff being exposed and a fight breaking out with Orphan that takes them into the nearby theater. Batman gives a speech that neither of his foes appreciate. And when we flash forward again, Harper inflitrate St. Hadren's to personally interrogate David Cain, but he's licking his chops to tell Harper of Cassandra's dirty past deed. Oh, and Tim Drake and Jason Todd were in a panel somewhere in there, but who cares? The less of them the better, because we're finally crawling out of the sewer with a far better issue than the past two.


Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo Review


"You Can (Not) Redo"

(Spoiler-Free) Synopsis: The end of the world has begun! Shinji Ikari finds himself catapulted fourteen years from the last thing he remembers, triggering the Third Impact! Waking to a world that despises him, Shinji is torn in his loyalties, confused about his environment, and guilt-ridden by revelations.  In the depths of despair, he meets a young man named Kaworu Nagisa, who may be his salvation, or just lead to more tragedy! Will Shinji ever pilot an Eva unit again? Should he? The next phase of Instrumentality is set in motion and our hero will find that practice may not make perfect!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 16 (Italy 17) Review


"Lupin's Day Off"


Synopsis: Lupin's been recruited by Fujiko to escort a dog to her obnoxious wealthy owner, and our blue jacket bandit turns courier, dragging Jigen and Goemon along. The travelling trio take a trip through the Italian countryside to meet their client on a cruiseship. However, the pooch is more trouble than they expected and all the while Zenigata's on their trail! Can they get their pet passenger to its destination to keep Lupin's promise to Fujiko? It's a show about (basically) nothing in this shaggy dog tale!



Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 15 (Italy 16) Review


"High School Undercover"


Synopsis: School's in session when Lupin is forced to pose as a high school teacher when a diamond he stole ends up in the backpack of a budding juvenile deliquent in a school full of attitude problems. The teachers themselves are up to no good, looking to use a bomb to take out criminals who've been threatening them, and when they get their hands on the stolen jewel, Lupin has to restrain himself in handling them. Does this ragtag bunch of scholastic schemers have what it takes to match wits with the world's greatest thief? By the end, somebody will certainly have to be saved by the bell when Lupin teaches an important lesson!


Batman & Robin Eternal #16 Review



"I told you we'd all fit in the picture." 

A righteous sword burns, a villain heel-face turns, and yet I yearn for this plot thread to adjourn, in this sixteenth issue of DC's weekly Batman disappointment. Still more of Tim & Jason's Awesome Show Great Job, which is just as dreadfully uninteresting as it has been for what seems like forever. To think I was looking forward to seeing their team-up adventures some time ago. Now I just want them both to be erased from continuity. But hey, at least we get some cool flashback material.


I'd like to think Scarecrow was groaning at Dick's quip.