Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 08 DUB Review

Episode 8, "Research Lab 5"

You know, for kids!


Synopsis: Edward and Alphonse are confronted by the guards of the Fifth Laboratory, Slicer the Homocide and Barry the Chopper, respectively. The guards turn out to be hallow suits of metal, who, like Alphonse, had their souls bonded to the armor. Inside the laboratory, Ed also discovers that Slicer is actually two souls, those of brothers, and barely manages to defeat them, using Scar's technique of deconstruction. Outside, Barry fills Alphonse with doubts over the validity of his existence. Lust and Envy appear before Ed, with Envy knocking him out and taking him to his brother, Brosh, and Maria, as the lab collapses. Barry makes his escape, as does Envy.


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