Dragon Ball Kai Reviews Cancelled/On Hold

"Yosh! Ora wa Goku!"
Due to the content of my last, Popo-riffic Dragon Ball Kai (yes, I've stopped calling it "Dragon Ball Z Kai") episode review, I have been barred from ever reviewing an episode of the program by Toei International Co., effective immediately. This means I will no longer be allowed to talk publically about my feelings towards the subject of race relations in the Dragon Ball world, under threat of having to watch the Garlic Junior filler saga over and over again, followed by all three Brolly movies. Dubbed. Actually, the truth is, for some reason Suppiido-Subs has stopped subbing Dragon Ball Kai. They were never a great translator, but they were by far the best, and really the only tolerable, group doing fansubs for the series.

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