Flashpoint Paradox Trailer



I'm glad they're finally doing a Flash storyline for one of these animated movies, even if it's the one that gave us the confusing New 52 status quo (seriously, how was Damian Wayne ten if Bruce Wayne has only been Batman for six years?). Kevin Conroy is Batman (just, uh... not the one in this trailer), Dana Delany is Lois Lane, Nathan Fillion is Hal Jordan, and Tim Daly's son Sam is Superman (you'll understand when you see). Oooh, and Ron Perlman is Slade/Deathstroke! Cary Elwes is Aquaman! Oh, and Cyborg's in it (who gives a fuck about Cyborg?). 

Batman: Year One Review


Batman: Year One


Synopsis: Billionare Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City after being gone for years. Meanwhile, Jim Gordon arrives in Gotham, becoming a police lieutenant in the corrupt force. Wayne trains himself to fight crime, donning a bat suit to strike fear in criminals. When Gordon is blackmailed for having an affair, he has to admit it to his wife. Mobsters and policemen alike try to take down the Batman, but he avails, and Wayne even saves Gordon's son. Batman forms a bond with Gordon.

Press Start To Begin: Scott Pilgrim vs The World: A Story of 1-Up-Manship, Or Toronto City Ransom


(Long enough title, huh? Beat feet if you can take the heat, bro. See? With wit like that, I too could have been one of Ramona Flower's ex-boyfriends. The one that never leaves the house. Come over to my house and prepare to die, Scott Pilgrim!)


Scott and Ramona

Party Pooper: Scott Pilgrim (Cera) and Ramona Flowers (Winstead)