Dragon Ball Z Kai- Episode 04 Review


Episode 4, "Run in the Afterlife, Son Goku! The One Million Kilometer Snake Road"



Synopsis: After Goku passes away, his body disappears from the mortal plane, so that Kami can convince King Yemma to let him train with Kaio-sama (I should just go with "King Kai", right?). Bulma takes the scouter from Raditz's body to adjust to find Yamcha and the others. Piccolo takes Gohan off to train for the oncoming threat of the Saiyans while Goku is approved to train under Kaio. Piccolo demonstrates Gohan's hidden power and Goku begins down Snake Road.


Anime Moment: Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone - Gohan Gets Drunk On Demon Fruit


I recently ordered the three first DBZ movies on DVD in a fit of reckless nostalgia. I found a great deal, though, since I bought the original DVDs, with the Ocean dub. The movies escaped the early censorship the series got, and I get bilingual discs that include the superior Ocean cast (with Peter Kelamis, Goku in season 2)! Fuckwin.

Dragon Ball Z Kai - Episode 02 Review


Episode 2, "The enemy is Goku's older brother?! The secret of the Saiyans, strongest of warriors"



Synopsis: The armored man, whose name is Raditz, and is Goku's brother, reveals that he and Goku are both part of a race of alien warriors called the Saiyans and Goku's real name is "Kakkarot". He insists that Goku accompany him to destroy a planet, and when Goku refuses, Raditz kidnaps little Gohan. Goku and Piccolo agree to team up to defeat Raditz, but he appears stronger than they expected, and tells them the other remaining Saiyans are even stronger than he is.