Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 24 Review


Episode 24, "Resurrected Comrades! The Handsome Warrior Zarbon's Devilish Transformation", or "Vegeta Gets A Beatdown"


Synopsis: While training on the trip to Namek, Goku is contacted by King Kai, who informs him that Piccolo, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu have arrived to train on his planet. Goku informs King Kai about a more powerful presence on Namek than Vegeta, and King Kai confirms it's Freeza. He warns Goku to stay away from Freeza. On Namek, Vegeta encounters Zarbon, and they engage in combat. At first, it looks like Vegeta has the advantage, but Zarbon transforms into a more monsterous form and brutalizes him. After this, Zarbon flies off, while Vegeta passes out from his injuries.

Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 23 Review


Episode 23, "Vegeta's Secret Maneuvering! The Namekians are Tragically Attacked", or "Wow, Namekians Are Boring."


Synopsis: Gohan and Kuririn confirm that Vegeta has indeed come to Namek, and are nearly discovered by them. Gohan and Kuririn arrive back at the cave where they left Bulma, where she tells them that Goku is on his way to Namek. Vegeta terrorizes a village, demanding its Dragon Ball. He kills the villagers and takes their Dragon Ball. After hiding the Dragon Ball underwater, he goes off looking for more, while Zarbon is set by Freeza to do the same.


Dream Casting: Recasting The Dragon Ball Z English Dub


This is a first in a series of articles on how I would cast the English dubs for certain titles that either have not been licensed for North America or have dubs I would like to see recast. Enjoy!

The English dub of Dragon Ball Z is horrible. To say that there has never been a good dub for the television series is probably not a controversial statement, even in the Dragon Ball fan community. First there was the one with the Ocean cast wherein there were tons of script problems and wooden acting, and then the in-house Funimation dub with it's painful voices and jokey rewrites. The both replaced the original musical score with either generic mood music that just sort of sat there or hacky electronica-rock mixes to fill up any possible moments of silence. In other words, they were bad. Really, really bad.