Voice Actor Comparison: Excel Saga - Excel


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My pick: Kotono Mitsuishi
Reasoning: I love how Mitsuishi can sound so wacky and over-the-top, but in a very sincere and passionate manner. Likewise, I sense that same sense of sincerity from both English VAs who played her. However, I give the edge to Jessica Calvello, because Larissa Wolcott sounded a little too shrill for her own good at times. I have to admit, though, she really grew on me towards the end of her run. I still like her Excel, just not as much as the others. Mitsuishi is the clear winner because she did what took two English VAs to do, and better than both of them.
Breakdown: Mitsuishi > Calvello > Wolcott

2 Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22 Dub Clips





Ehhh, I guess Tiffany Grant is a little better than before, but she's still no Yuko Miyamura. Spike Spencer's likewise mediocre, but at least not painful. I guess you have to set your bar pretty low to be impressed with either of them. The newer cast for the characters is a lot better then their TV series counterparts, for the most part. I love J. Michael Tatum's Kaji. I knew he was going to go with a voice that sounds like his Isaac from Baccano!.

Oh, and Monica Rial is a fantastic Pen Pen, of course.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 29 ENGLISH DUB Review


Episode 29, " Struggle of the Fool"

The Elric brothers discover 900 numbers.


Synopsis: The Elrics brothers are brought to Fuhrer Bradley, who threatens to kill Winry if they refuse to cooperate. Edward calls Winry to check on her, and after the call, Greed appears and comments on their predictability. He leaves them a message for Ranfan that Ling wrote in Xingese. Roy updates Hawkeye and Armstrong. Alphonse delivers the message to Ranfan, who wants to get an automail arm. Edward fixes the damage done to the part of town he fought Scar in, and remembers he has to return Hawkeye's gun to her.


Voice Actor Comparison: Fullmetal Alchemist - Greed (EDITED)


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My pick: (TIE) Junichi Suwabe and Yuuichi Nakamura
Reasoning: They both have arresting deep voices and jaunty, snarky, lively deliveries. Baker comes fairly close, but doesn't quite reach their level. Patton's is a joke, too subdued and flat.
Breakdown: Suwabe = Nakamura > Baker > Patton (Brotherhood) > Patton (First Series)

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Audio: English - My Philosophy


Audio: English
With the Audio:English series, PenguinTruth takes a critical look at the English
dubs which grace some of anime's most defining series in North America.

I've done a few of these articles on English dubs for anime, and I've discussed at great length specific anime dubs I've liked or disliked. However, I haven't really explained what it is I look for in an anime dub, what I think of English dubs for anime in general, or anything of that sort. Because of this, people may misunderstand some of my views on them. So I'd like to dedicate this particular entry to laying out what it is I expect from the anime dubs I listen to, when I listen to them.