Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Tales of the Master OVA


OVA, "Tales of the Master"

"I WILL SHOW YOU A WORLD OF PAIN."Nobody better lay a finger on Izumi's Butterfinger.


Synopsis: Izumi Harnet, an eighteen year old girl, seeks out an apprenticeship from the renowned alchemist Silver Steiner. She is given a knife and told to live in the wilderness on Mt. Briggs. Struggling to survive in the cold mountain area, Izumi steals rations soldiers stationed in the North, chases wolves away from their kill, and even kills a bare unarmed. In her constant fight to survive, she formulates a philosophy: "One is all, all is one." A month later, Izumi has survived, but the man she thought was Silver Steiner is, in fact, Gold Steiner, a martial arts master. Angered, Izumi beats him up.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 11 ENGLISH DUB Review


Episode 11, "The Miracle at Rush Valley"



Synopsis: On the way to Dublith, Edward, Alphonse, and Winry make a detour to Rush Valley, a town full of automail engineers. While engineers gather to admire his automail parts, Edward's State Alchemist watch is stolen by a pickpocket, Paninya, with two automail legs. The three follow her into the mountains, where her automail mechanic Dominic lives. Winry asks for an apprenticeship, but he denies her. While there, Dominic's daughter-in-law goes into labor, and Winry helps deliver the child while Ed and Al wait, powerless. Dominic reccomends Winry apprentice to an automail engineer he knows. Ed and Al continue onto Dublith.


Ahaha, oh wow, this is the worst episode of the dub since the first episode. Shit-tastic.