Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 14 Review


Episode 14, "Destruction's Right Hand"

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Synopsis: The Elrics track down Dr. Marcoh, living in a small town as a physician. However, they find they were followed by Brigadier General Basque Gran, who wants to take Marcoh and his research in. Before he can, the mysterious scarred man kills him. He chases and corners Ed, Al, and Marcoh, but they are saved by Alex Louis Armstrong, another State Alchemist. Meanwhile, the military has laid seige to the town of Lior.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 13 Review


Episode 13, "Fullmetal vs. Flame"

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Synopsis: The brothers arrive in East City, where they report in with Colonel Mustang. Annoyed by Mustang's attitude and suspecting he's holding back information from him, Edward decides to take the opportunity to challenge him to a duel. Roy initially refuses, but the Fuhrer gives his approval, and the match is set up. Edward finds himself over his head in the match, but Roy hesitates at the end and it ends as a draw. Roy volunteers information about a military doctor named Marcoh who fled the battlefield.