Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 12 Review


Episode 12, "The Other Elric Brothers (Part 2)"

Damn tree huggers!Ed and Al pose for an album cover.


Synopsis: Mugear, who oversees the fake Elric brothers' work, reveals that he knows their identities and plans to force them to finish making a Philosopher's Stone in an unethical practice. Edward and Alphonse pretend to want to work for him, but release the Tringhams. They all confront Mugear who uses the lesser stones to attack them. Mugear ends up dying in a cave in where the red water is kept and the Tringhams help stop the flood of the water. Ed and Al continue on their way.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 11 Review


Episode 11, "The Other Elric Brothers (Part 1)"

*Cue "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"*"And don't come back until you agree to sign our Elricest doujins!"

Synopsis: The Elric brothers travel to the town of Xenotime, where research is being done on the Philosopher's Stone to replenish the gold supply. However, they find that two brothers are claiming to be them. They sneak into the mansion where the fake Elrics work and confront them, but are driven out. Later, they confront them again, and the younger brother stands up against the older one, but the guards arrive again.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 24 ENGLISH DUB Review


Episode 24, "Inside the Belly"



Synopsis: Gluttony goes on a rampage, trying to devour Roy into his eye Gate. Roy manages to escape with Riza in a car, taking Ran Fan with her, while Ed, Al, and Ling stay behind to fight. Envy arrives to retrieve Gluttony, but a new fight begins, and Gluttony accidently swallows Ed, Ling, and Envy. Roy attempts to enlist the help of General Raven at Central HQ, but it's revealed that he and a number of high military officers are in on the homunculi's plans, and the Fuhrer appears before him.


For some reason, when I watched this episode the first time with the dub, on Adult Swim, I absolutely loathed the job done on it. But when I rewatched it, it sounded a lot better for some reason. I may have to make a habit of that.