Go Nagai

Otaku Evolution Episode 154 - Violence Jack


Happy Halloween! I thought I'd review an anime that, while not necessarily horror-themed, is a horror itself, and what bigger horror than the existence of Violence Jack, one of the trashiest, bloodiest, mean-spirited OVA anime of all time? So cower under a blanket as you watch this in the dark and I hope you don't eat so much candy you get sick!


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Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 01 Review


Episode 1, "Finale"


Synopsis: A young man named Kouji Kabuto, piloting the giant robot Mazinger, tries to save the world from the forces of Dr. Hell with the help of the Mazinger Corps. However, things seem very bad for the team, one after another falling in battle. Kouji battles hard, however, and vows to perserve the peace of the world.


So... a lot of things happen.... and... hm.