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PG Strike Freedom WIP 02: Perfect Grade - Quality Not Included


This WIP post is more so a mini review of the PG Strike Freedom. People have complained about the price tag not being worth the level of detail/design/proportions/lack of gimmicks but I believe they've missed one of this kit's biggest faults.

But first a few shots of progress thus far...

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Gundam SEED Was Never Good Part II: Coordinators Suck Ass


Another thing occured to me as I thought about how bad the CE era programs of Gundam were. Despite being the targets of discrimination and possible genoicide, Coordinators are utterly unsympathetic.

Think about what a Coordinator is. No, let's think about what it is not. It isn't the same as a Newytpe. You can't MAKE a Newtype. Best you can do is an artificial Newtype ("Cyber-Newtype"), and they're usually unstable fuckwits like Four Murasame or Rosamia Badam. No, you can't make a Newtype. Newtypes are supposed to be the natural evolution of mankind. Coordinators may have increased spatial awareness at times, but they aren't the progression of mankind's evolution.