Gundam Unicorn

Building a MG Unicorn without Instructions


I've got quite a few Master Grade Unicorn Gundams in my collection. By last count I'm at 12 including the Banshee variants. When I picked up the last three for a bit of a project I was challenged on Reddit to build one without the manual. It wasn't the first time someone threw that task out there so I thought I'd give it a go.

Preparation was easy, take all the of the runners with applicable parts and cut & trim all the pieces. I didn't do any of the weapons because I haven't decided whether I'm going to use them or trade them out quite yet. I've already got more Beam Magnum rounds than I know what to do with. I made things a bit more difficult for myself by including both the Ver. Ka and OVA parts in the mix.


MG Banshee ver. Titans - Complete


Unicorn ver Titans 8Flickr

Ah, here it is. My latest Gundam Unicorn creation, a Banshee more specifically, themed in the lovable Titan's colour scheme. Blue and gold has always been one of my favorite schemes, well before I saw Zeta Gundam ages ago. To see this kit come together and look pretty damn amazing, with the yellow details here and there, is a long time coming. The project was envisioned months ago before I convinced PatrickGrade (of GundamGuy fame) to part with his Banshee.

His contribution, long with my FA Unicorn/Banshee frame swap, allowed for the kit to be built with two claws. I like how they look closed, almost like a giant fist, so I decided to display this kit with one closed and the other open. I'm not a fan of the built in beam cannons so those aren't like to make it onto any upcoming Unicorn projects of my own. They could make for a good mod/kitbash somewhere down the line. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how this project turned out.

Project N-Unicorn - Update 01


Project N-Unicorn/Nu-nicorn/νnicorn has swung into high gear. At least 80% of the pieces on this kit are getting individual attention. The brunt of the pieces being left alone are of the orange psycho frame. Aside from a few internal frame pieces that never see the light of day the rest are either being painted grey, a shade of silver, or being left alone and dull coated. The shades of grey are just slightly different enough that it breaks up the frame nicely. Though those subtle differences will likely be lost in the end photos.

Since I want to leave the psycho frame alone, every outer armor piece needs to be dull coated individually. Yes, every one. Most of the white one will remain clean, others will get a decal or two, and still others be painted in line with the Nu Gundam colour scheme. Black, red, and yellow. A few bits here and there, such as the shield, are also receiving some light grey internal tones to help break up the white.