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MG Delta Plus - Fin


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It's been a long haul (the project officially started August 4th, 2011) but my MG Delta Plus has finally been completed. This morning I flipped a coin to see which should come first, my retrospective of the kit or all the pretty photos. Thus, if you'd like to read about the trials and tribulations of this build continue on. If you'd just like to scope out the pretty pictures just jump forward to the latter section of this article!

MG Detal Plus - Foot Fix

In my earlier review of the Delta Plus I mentioned that the feet have a habit of collapsing forward due to the weight and a loose joint in the foot. Since then it seems that I'm not the only one to experience the issue and figure it worthwhile to offer up some suggestions. I'm sure there will be more advanced solutions from the more experienced community members but what I offer are quick fixes. Nothing spectacular, nothing glamorous, but more than enough to mitigate the issue.