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RaDGoK Teaser

Maybe it's about time I let the world onto my little secret Gunpla project...



More to come in the next few days. Maybe.

G-Exes: Gundam AGE's best worst addition

So, watching Gundam AGE's 8th episode I was welcomed with the introduction of the G-Exes mobile suit. One of the cooler, and more widely accepted designs, I was looking forward to seeing it in the series. I think I'm going to regret that desire.


I mean, it looks pretty good when it's just standing around...




But in action something just looked off. At first I thought they couldn't figure out what to do with shading a primarily all white kit but that turns out to just be part of the problem.


Otaku Revolution Anime Discussion #1: Classic Remakes Casting

I thought I'd attempt something new for a change and start up a discussion about something anime-related in the hopes of having more communication with the people who come here (all three of them). Feel free to comment on this, suggest other topics for later discussions, and/or links to helpful material regarding the topic at hand.


Topic #1


With classics like Space Battleship Yamato and Mobile Suit Gundam being remade, do you feel like original cast members should reprise their roles after decades have passed? For example, should Goro Naya continue on as Captain Okita? Should Tohru Furuya continue to play Amuro Ray? If so, why? If not, who should play the roles? Suggest new VAs if possible.


Have fun!

Gundam AGE Episode 04 Review


Episode 04, "The White Wolf"
Synopsis:  Mobile suit ace Woolf Enneacle awakens on the Diva and is assigned as the head of mobile suit forces on the crew. He desires to pilot Flit's Gundam, but Flit objects. The two decide to have a duel contest to see who's a more fit pilot. The two are attacked by the UE and team up to escape. The UE's cloaking technology leads Grodek Aiona to the knowledge of who they really are. 

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