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Gundam: The Origin I English Dub PV and Cast


Casval Rem Deikun:  Karen Strassman
Artesia Som Deikun:  Maggie O'Connor
Degwin Sodo Zabi: Marc Thompson
Gihren Zabi: Liam O’Brien
Sasro Zabi: Braeden Fox
Dozle Zabi: Bob Johnson
Kycilia Zabi: Wendee Lee
Ramba Ral:  Kirk Thornton
Crowley Hamon: Amanda Shuckman
Zeon Zum Deikun: Marc Diraison
Astraia Tor Deikun: Veronica Taylor
Jimba Ral:  Doug Stone
Char Aznable:  Keith Silverstein



Gundam: The Origin I PV

I want- nay, need- this in my life. They even have Mayumi Tanaka (Kuririn and Monkey D. Luffy) as the younger Red Comet. I just hope it's not as expensive as Unicorn (still don't have the final two volumes, might not ever).

Reconguista in G: What's going on? A general summary of the universe

Been watching Reconguistia in G lately? Well, you should, if only for the great animation and fights. If you are, do you know what's going on? Let's just say "easy to follow" isn't exactly a common descriptor. Tomino's break-neck pacing and sporadic exposition haven't made the picture clear for a lot of folks. If you've seen Turn A, it's a lot like that, just turned up to 11.

Hell, I barely have a grasp of what's going on and that seems to fly out the window with the start of each episode. Hopefully this will help clear things up a bit...


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