MG Unicorn Ver Ka v.s. OVA Comparison


Welcome to my rough, yet fairly thorough review of the differences between the new MG Unicorn OVA version and the previously released Ver Ka edition.

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Design Changes

In from a design prospective there aren't a whole lot of differences between the Ver Ka release and the new OVA. Surprisingly the OVA release comes with the exactly same runners as the Ver Ka. The new parts come on two small additional runners. Apparently it was cheaper for Bandai to keep the same molds and include the extra runners.

Banshee WIP: Day 3



Some more progress today.

Lessons learned so far? Resin fucking sucks. Despite a good cleaning my primer acted completely different to resin than it does normal plastic. It also has the tendency to randomly break, as you'll see when I post close up shots.

Worst of all, is that the antlers came all fucked up. I did my best to bend them back into place but they're still bent. Another thing that sucks about resin is that you don't really see minor imperfections until you paint. I had to clean them up several times followed by a bit more paint in order for them to look as good as they do now.

1/48 'Mega Size Model' Gundam RX-78-2 Review


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What we have here is Bandai's 1/48 scale Mega Size Model Gundam RX-78-2. As far as I know it's Bandai's largest general release kit. At 15" tall it dwarfs even Perfect Grade kits.

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In general the kit is very simple. No internal frame, no special gadgets or gizmos. All the joints are done with poly caps which feature a unique toothed design. With these little notches the kit does a fantastic job at staying in place. Even the arm has no difficulty holding the large shield in place.