HLJ's Gundam Sale Continues

HobbyLink Japan's spree of Gundam sales continues today with Bandai Gundam Goodness on Special Sale!

I'm still digging through what's out there, but it's a bloody lot. Click here to dig through it yourself.

Some items of note, MG Exia Ignition Mode and MG Gouf Ver. 2.0 are 30% off.

Everyone's favorite, MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0, is also 30% off.

There're a lot of HG kits on sale as well. Most at 50% off.

MG GN-X Review

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It was a surprise to all when Bandai announced that the second kit to get Master Grade treatment from Gundam 00 would be the GN-X. It's not exactly one of the fan favorites, I really hated it since day one. However I decided to order one of these new kits and hope for the best. When the order shipped I was indifferent. When I started construction I was filled with annoyance. Now that she's finished, I'm filled with a sort of odd, warm, fuzzy feeling.