New Bandai Clear Part Campaign Releases

Just saw these listed on HLJ with a 15% Early Bird discount. Their release is news to me, haven't seen any pictures beyond the first batch released...

Hi-Nu Gundam ($65)
God Gundam ($23)
Ball Ver. Ka ($19)
YMS-15 Gyan ($33)
MS-09 Dom ($27)
Kaempfer ($37)

MSN-04 Sazabi ($74)
RX-79(G) ($28)
Gundam Exia ($35)
RX-75 Guntank ($44)

If I missed any please let me know!

MG Nu Gundam - Clear Part Campaign Review

One kit I managed to acquire recently was the re-released MG Nu Gundam w/ clear parts per Bandai's "Clear Part Campaign."

I say re-released because unlike the MG Victory w/ clear parts, which featured the initial release with an extra runner thrown in and a slip on the box, the MG Nu box is all new. Well, and all new print. The design is the same, just a yellow banner around the outside, some new tags, a picture on one side of the clear parts.

Dry Brushing Tutorial, finally done!

Behold, the legs of my MG Victory Gundam...


What a fucking nightmare this kit has become. A full review should be coming soon. Bah.

In the meantime, I finally finished the dry brushing tutorial for the Guide. It only took so long to post because I've been faaar to lazy.

Also, enjoy the typos and bad grammar while it lasts. I'm bound to properly proof read sometime this week...

Zombie Nemo, Gunpla Guide, Updates

A huge update with regards to my Night of the Living Nemo project. Huge as in, half way finished! Check out the images currently at the bottom of the project page.

In addition I've made several updates to the Gunpla Guide. Including,

Broke up the guides between intermediate and beginner levels
Lots of additions to the Miscellaneous Equipment page
New images and a few better descriptions on the Detailing & Painting Equipment page
Added glue to the General Building Equipment page
Gave the Detail Line Guide it's own page
Fixed minor spelling and grammar mistakes that result from never proofreading