Don't mind me, just showing off the size of my sword


As some of you may or may not know, I've been working on my Master Grade Astra Blue Frame, 2nd Revise. Or as I lovingly pronounce, MGABF2ndR.

I decided to spice things up by giving the blue some metal flake.



I've begun to line and add details, which is taking longer than I expected. Partly because there are a lot of details, partly because Orson Scott Card is amazing.

Here, under a harsh flash, you can see a half touched up sword.

Zombie Nemo, Gunpla Guide, Updates


A huge update with regards to my Night of the Living Nemo project. Huge as in, half way finished! Check out the images currently at the bottom of the project page.

In addition I've made several updates to the Gunpla Guide. Including,

Broke up the guides between intermediate and beginner levels
Lots of additions to the Miscellaneous Equipment page
New images and a few better descriptions on the Detailing & Painting Equipment page
Added glue to the General Building Equipment page
Gave the Detail Line Guide it's own page
Fixed minor spelling and grammar mistakes that result from never proofreading

MG Exia Ignition Mode Reivew



Bandai did a few crafty things with this kit that they haven’t done before. The first is really hard to see in most pictures of the kit. All of the green circles have letters and lines molded on the inside which match the stickers underneath. It’s a nice little detail that is best appreciated up close. This is also the first, and probably last kit, to have rubber strips coated in a rainbow reflective surface. To my knowledge this is the only suit from Gundam 00 to have this design feature, hence why we won’t be seeing it again. Over all it’s a nice feature, but under most lighting conditions you don’t see any of the reflective goodness.

Gouf Custom - Soviet Reprise Examined


Where to start... I originally built this MG Gouf Custom way back in the day, pre 2002, and pre me learning to clip the pieces from the runners and sand down the nubs. It was a shame to let such a beautiful model collect dust in such a sad state.

I'm not sure which came first, the decal purchase or the idea for this guy. When I built my RX-78-4/5 I saw the nifty Soviet decals from Microscale. So, after finishing the other projects I was working on at the time, I got to work on this guy.

MG Sinanju Build Review


Bandai's 1/100 Master Grade Sinanju was my first build of 2009*.

(I haven't proofed this article, so suck it)


From a build quality this kid if fucking fantastic. Not only does it look great, but it's a big sucker, considerably taller than most MG Gundams. Much to my surprise this kit lacks pollycap joints. While I hated that on my Crossbone the mechanics here are great. The joints are innovative and make for lots of movement. The only issue here is that the shield can be a bit heavy (at least with the beam saber things attached) than the arm can support. If it's clipped on the forearm it has a tendency to pop off all to easily or slowly cause the arm to dip down.

This was one of the most frustrating models I've worked on. Not so much on part of the actual design or build quality but due to my own inexperience.