Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 61 Review


Episode 61, "No Chance of Victory Against No. 19! Super Vegeta Arrives Late"

Get used to this look.Get used to this one, too.


Synopsis: As Goku has his energy drained from him by No. 19, Vegeta arrives, as smug as ever. After taunting the Artificial Humans, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan, amazing everyone. He explains that during training, he became so enraged at himself for not keeping up with Goku, that his anger transformed him. Vegeta dominates 19, who tries to take advantage of him by grabbing his hands, but ultimately has his hands torn off. 19 tries to escape, but Vegeta fires a "Big Bang Attack" that destroys him. Artificial Human 20 escapes into the high rocks and everyone gives chase.

O, Canada!: Dragon Ball (Z) Kai Swims In The Ocean


In the frosty North, near Yunzabit Heights, lies a mystical, magical land called Vancouver, where exists a studio called Ocean Productions where they localize foreign cartoons. Once upon a time, these wooly Canucks lumbered into the studio to produce an English-language dub for a show called Dragon Ball Z.  The dub was contracted to them by licensor Funimation in the big American state called Texas, where the steaks are so big, they block out the sun. They dubbed the first two "seasons" of the show under Funimation's guidance, and miscelleneous later episodes on their own.