Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 42 Review

Episode 42, "Defeat Freeza, Son Goku! The Proud Vegeta's Tears"

Sometimes rough sex gets too rough...Maybe Goku should have bathed before he came.


Synopsis: As Gohan, Piccolo, and Kuririn look on, Freeza continues to torture Vegeta. Goku detects where all of their ki are and flies to where they are. Goku tells everyone he will take on Freeza himself. After a short exchange where Goku easily deflects Freeza's beams, Vegeta laughs and insists that Goku is a Super Saiyan of legend. Fed up, Freeza fires a beam through Vegeta's heart. Dying, Vegeta tells Goku that Freeza killed their race, and with his pride wounded, begs him to bring an end to Freeza by his Saiyan hand. Goku buries Vegeta and declares he will defeat Freeza.

Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 39 Review

Episode 39, "The Reborn Piccolo Arrives! A Furious Freeza's 2nd Transformation"

Some of the redrawn scenes are a little QUALITY-ish. I've always liked this part.


Synopsis: Challenging Freeza, Piccolo seems capable with keeping up with the tyrant in combat. Freeza is surprised, but not especially impressed, and presses harder. After removing his weighted training garbs, Piccolo is ready to get serious. Freeza brags that his power is even greater than Piccolo thinks, and is able to transform twice more. He then transforms again, and makes short work of Piccolo, spurring Gohan to come to help.

DBZ Kai Dub Anticipation

Dragon Ball Z Kai Cast Announced (and Analysis)
(From Funimation's blog, a few days ago:) ------------------------------------------------------------- Reprising their roles from Dragon Ball Z: Goku – Sean Schemmel Vegeta and Piccolo – Christopher R. Sabat Raditz – Justin Cook Master Roshi – Mike McFarland Tien – John Burgmeier Ox King – Kyle Hebert Chi-Chi – Cynthia Cranz Nappa – Phil Parsons Also returning are Linda Chambers Young as Frieza and Sonny Strait as Krillin and Bardock. Joining the cast: Gohan – Colleen Clinkenbeard Bulma – Monica Rial Narrator – Doc Morgan Chiaotzu and Puar – Brina Palencia FUNimation Entertainment will begin releasing the series on DVD and Blu-ray starting with Part One on May 18, 2010. ------------------------------------------------- From Sean Schemmel's Facebook: Here's what you guys don't know, but need to.

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