Lupin III

Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 07 (Italy 08) Review


"Zapping Operation"



Synopsis: After robbing a jewelry store, Lupin and Jigen are forced to steal a car that happens to belong to a pair of kidnappers for the white slave trade. Coincidences continue when the girl in the trunk is both Rebecca Rossellini number one fan and the daughter of MI6 agent Nyx! Unfortunately for our favorite thieves, when Nyx tracks his daughter down, he assumes that Lupin and Jigen kidnapped her and Rebecca's in on it. Can the gang stop Nyx's rampage in his retrieval of his daughter? The agent with a license to kill has Lupin in his sight again! 


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 06 (Italy 07) Review


"Until the Full Moon Sets"




Synopsis: When Lupin targets a wealthy widow believed to have inherited a secret treasure, Inspector Zenigata vows to protect her until the master thief backs off. Zenigata is as obsessive and single-minded as ever, determined to ward off Lupin, despite Elena's initial distrust of him. Lupin is as persistent as ever, employing fake-outs and decoys, but Pops doesn't quit easily, either! And yet, Elena may have secrets to uncover after all. Who will win the struggle for a possibly fictional payoff? It's a battle of wits with twist after twist!


Lupin III (2015) Episode 05 Review


Episode 05, "The Magician's Left Hand"



Synopsis: Lupin investigates Fujiko's relationship with a young magician from a circus, Luca, who seems to have had fallen in love with her. Lupin is incredulous, as Fujiko's motivations always involve a swindle, and becoming a knife-throwing act seems like a cover. Sure enough, it seems like Fujiko is after the Trick Recipes, the codex of circus tricks and secrets, that could be valuable, and which only exists in Luca's mind. What is Fujiko's motivations for supporting the reserved young man whose burning desire is to become a great magician? It's all about slight of hand as Lupin tries to decipher the clues to this magical mystery!


Otaku Evolution Episode 53 - Lupin III: Bye Bye, Lady Liberty


Otaku Evolution Episode 53 - Lupin III: Bye Bye... by ellbell01

Join me as I look at a gravity-defying, science-breaking classic Lupin III Wolf adventure!


Bye Bye, Lady Liberty is available from Discotek.

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Lupin III (2015) Episode 04 Review


Episode 04, "Hand Me My Gun"



Synopsis: Jigen's time to shine! Suffering a toothache, our favorite wide brim-hatted gunman seeks help at a small town hospital, where he befriends a old man named Nino and a lady doctor named Livia. But the town is in the grip of "Non Lethal Eric", a sadist who enjoys to shoot people to see them suffer, and his gang is paying a strictly uninsured visit at the end of pistols! What will Jigen do when his pistol is stolen and his mouth in pain? A Lupin episode sans Lupin, where Jigen may need intensive care!