Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 18 (Italy 19) Review

"The First Supper"


Synopsis: Art is never finished, only abandoned! Strange portraits of the Lupin group, and even Rebecca, begin to appear on the side of buildings. Lupin is approached by both Nix and Inspector Zenigata in inquiry, but Lupin has only one idea: go to the Santa Maria delle Grazie Basilica. It is there where a several course feast has been prepared for them and even Nix's boss at the MI6. As the meal is eaten, Lupin pieces together that this has something to do with Uraga's research and British intelligence. But just who is their enigmatic host and what does he have planned for the diners in this holy abode? It'll take a true Renaissance Man to uncover the truth in this matter!

Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 16 (Italy 17) Review

"Lupin's Day Off"


Synopsis: Lupin's been recruited by Fujiko to escort a dog to her obnoxious wealthy owner, and our blue jacket bandit turns courier, dragging Jigen and Goemon along. The travelling trio take a trip through the Italian countryside to meet their client on a cruiseship. However, the pooch is more trouble than they expected and all the while Zenigata's on their trail! Can they get their pet passenger to its destination to keep Lupin's promise to Fujiko? It's a show about (basically) nothing in this shaggy dog tale!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 14 (Italy 15) Review

"Don't Move The Mona Lisa"



Synopsis: Lupin III, the world's greatest thief, is broke! After a dry spell, Lupin targets the most famous painting of all time, the Mona Lisa. Of course, stealing it is no small feat with Zenigata eager to capture Lupin again, and it seems at first to be too much for the famed bandit to handle. However, there's much more than meets the eye when it turns out there's a fake painting as well as a real one... as well as another fake one! But which one is Lupin making money off selling? The Mona Lisa is smiling at the farce as Lupin tries to restore his treasury!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 13 (Italy 14) Review

"The End of Lupin III"


Synopsis: The greatest thief, Lupin III, has been captured! Under tight wraps and guarded by Inspector Zenigata, Lupin wastes away with nothing more to live for. Zenigata is at first confidence that his nemesis will make an escape attempt, but as time passes, it seems less likely, with his allies ignoring his plight. When Lupin begins to refuse to eat, Zenigata wonders if he really plans to die. Is this really the end of Lupin III, or will he break out of the little box he's being held in? Lupin knows why the caged bird sings in this confined episode!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 11 (Italy 12) Review

"The Dream of Italy, Part 1"


Synopsis: Determined to dicipher the writings of a departed flame, Rebecca tracks down a hint to a MI6 outpost, where they capture her and take her to a hidden base. Rebecca's butler enlists Lupin and the gang to extract her from the facility, whose security seems inpenetrable.  But our sideburned swindler loves a challenge, and inacts a plan that throws the British agents into chaos. However, it may not be so easy to get Agent Nix to cooperate, and when he gets angry, things may get out of hand! How can Lupin save his nascent wife from a dozen men with a license to kill? The next page in the book is turned in this battle of wits!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 10 (Italy 11) Review

"The Lovesick Pig"


Synopsis: Lupin tries to cut his love in two when he promises both Rebecca and Fujiko to take them as a date to a private party to auction off a dead count's wine collection. He attempts to split his affections and time between the two women, hoping neither of them notice the other or his swift switching between them. Both women, however, are after the same thing: a special wine said to make people fall in love, Rebecca for the thrill of the steal and Fujiko for profit. But when the whole crowd is lovestruck, will this potion prove poisonous or will Lupin have his best treasure yet, the hearts of two beautiful women? This Lupin adventure will have you exclaiming, "In vino veritas!"


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 09 (Italy 10) Review

"Requiem for the Assassins"


Synopsis: Several assassins are themselves being killed off and Goemon is one of their targets! Goemon approaches a fellow killer, a woman named Beladonna from the same hit squad he was in to assassinate an African warlord. Can their old target's bodyguard, a man who shoots a Winchester M70, still be alive, looking for revenge? It's a tale of death, promises, and betrayal, and no matter how you slice it, Goemon will cut to the heart of the matter with his Zentetsuken!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 07 (Italy 08) Review

"Zapping Operation"



Synopsis: After robbing a jewelry store, Lupin and Jigen are forced to steal a car that happens to belong to a pair of kidnappers for the white slave trade. Coincidences continue when the girl in the trunk is both Rebecca Rossellini number one fan and the daughter of MI6 agent Nyx! Unfortunately for our favorite thieves, when Nyx tracks his daughter down, he assumes that Lupin and Jigen kidnapped her and Rebecca's in on it. Can the gang stop Nyx's rampage in his retrieval of his daughter? The agent with a license to kill has Lupin in his sight again! 


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