Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 14 Review

Episode 14, "Destruction's Right Hand"

lolwut?"I've had enough with you Mormons!"


Synopsis: The Elrics track down Dr. Marcoh, living in a small town as a physician. However, they find they were followed by Brigadier General Basque Gran, who wants to take Marcoh and his research in. Before he can, the mysterious scarred man kills him. He chases and corners Ed, Al, and Marcoh, but they are saved by Alex Louis Armstrong, another State Alchemist. Meanwhile, the military has laid seige to the town of Lior.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 11 Review

Episode 11, "The Other Elric Brothers (Part 1)"

*Cue "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"*"And don't come back until you agree to sign our Elricest doujins!"

Synopsis: The Elric brothers travel to the town of Xenotime, where research is being done on the Philosopher's Stone to replenish the gold supply. However, they find that two brothers are claiming to be them. They sneak into the mansion where the fake Elrics work and confront them, but are driven out. Later, they confront them again, and the younger brother stands up against the older one, but the guards arrive again.

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