Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 05 Review


Episode 5, "The Man with the Mechanical Arm"

It wasn't until an hour later that Al remembered he can't eat. "No problems, sweetie. I'm sure I'll survive this entire series."


Synopsis: The Elrics get on a train bound for Central, but it is taken by terrorists. The brothers get the help of Maes Hughes, a member of the state military, to help them fight off the terrorists. The leader of the terrorists, Bald, also has an automail arm, but it is weaponized. However, Edward overcomes him and the terrorists are defeated. Once in Central, Roy tells the boys that they can take the test to see if they can become State Alchemists.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 04 Review


Episode 4, "A Forger's Love"

"Uh, how did steel bars get made from a marble platform?"Ed and Al were subdued by the cast of Newsies.


Synopsis: The brothers come upon a town where an old acquantince of their father, Majihal, lives. Strange disappearances and ghostly apparitions rile up the community and Ed and Al doubt the idea that people are coming back from the dead. However, Majihal is not all that he seems, and a past love moves him to commit terrible atrocities to regain what he lost.

"This episode sucks, and you know it!""Al does SO do things in this series!"