Mobile Suit Gundam

Where to Start - Getting into Gundam (2020 Edition)


As a moderator over at /r/Gundam I often see folks asking how to get into the franchise and what shows to watch. Hopefully this guide will help you along that path.



If you don't have time to go through and read, it's best to pick with one of the below series:  

Start with this
  Or pick one of these

Mobile Suit Gundam


Gundam 0080

Gundam 00



G Gundam

Iron Blooded Orphans   


Note that the above are in no order of preference or recommendation. Why I think they're four good starting points is detailed below.

If you can't be bothered as to finding out why the above are recommended, or just want me to make the decision for you, then watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam. The full series, all 43 episodes, not the movies.


Gundam: The Origin I English Dub PV and Cast



Casval Rem Deikun:  Karen Strassman
Artesia Som Deikun:  Maggie O'Connor
Degwin Sodo Zabi: Marc Thompson
Gihren Zabi: Liam O’Brien
Sasro Zabi: Braeden Fox
Dozle Zabi: Bob Johnson
Kycilia Zabi: Wendee Lee
Ramba Ral:  Kirk Thornton
Crowley Hamon: Amanda Shuckman
Zeon Zum Deikun: Marc Diraison
Astraia Tor Deikun: Veronica Taylor
Jimba Ral:  Doug Stone
Char Aznable:  Keith Silverstein