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MS IGLOO Inspired Takom PL-01 Tank Build


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Here's a quick build report on my MS IGLOO/Zeon inspired PL-01 tank from Takom. The PL-01 is a prototype Polish light tank with a very distinctive stealth (as much as a tank can be stealthy) design. This is my first tank in a long while, and first kit from Takom.

For the most part Takom’s PL-01 kit is pretty straight forward and easy to put together. There are a few issues though starting with a ton of visible seam lines. I did my best to hide all of them by welding and sanding which was, for the most part, successful. The most obvious seam is on the front, which isn’t glue on my build, because I wanted to paint the top and bottom parts independently. To go back and glue would have screwed up the paint quite a bit and I was just lazy enough to not care. 

1/144 Hildolfr


Behold, the kit that got things rolling again...

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This kit was a load of firsts. It was the first kit I painted, the first time I used an air brush, the first time I weathered, and the first time I used water slide decals.

Painting and using an airbrush for the first time turned out better than expected. The paint went on easily and looks fantastic. If you look closely you can see that in my naivety the coverage is down right terrible. Luckily, on this kit, I was able to pull it off. With the weathering it looks natural. It just goes to show that sometimes you just get lucky.