Read or Die

Otaku Evolution Episode 138 - R.O.D. The TV



It's the return of Yumiko Readman (after a fashion) in 2003's R.O.D. The TV, a 26-episode series that largely delivers on the unfulfilled promise of the original OVA. You've got multiple paper masters, two people who can phase through things, a giant conspiracy by the British Library of all organizations, international intrigue, and a whole lot of that thin white writing weapon. It's the show with the pushy title, so you had better Read or Die!

Sounds like a choose-your-own adventure book.   

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Otaku Evolution Episode 54 - Read or Die (OVA)


I'm great at paper craft. I can do a ball, a snowball, a meteor, and a crumpled up piece of paper!


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