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Rikuum Rhyme

Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 31 Review

Episode 31, "Son Goku Finally Arrives! Knock the Ginyu Special-Squad Around" *****SPOILERS*****

Synopsis: Goku arrives on Namek, and heads where he detects the weak ki of Gohan and Kuririn. He gives senzu to the his son and friend. To their surprise, he also gives one to Vegeta. After being caught up with current events, Goku warns Jeece and Baata to leave, then returns to where Rikuum is. Rikuum attacks, but in a flash, Goku takes him down in one hit. Vegeta is astonished by Goku's power and confidence and wonders if Goku could be a Super Saiyan of legend. Baata and Jeece attack Goku next, but Goku easily avoids their attacks, then subdues Baata with a single attack.

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