Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo Review


"You Can (Not) Redo"

(Spoiler-Free) Synopsis: The end of the world has begun! Shinji Ikari finds himself catapulted fourteen years from the last thing he remembers, triggering the Third Impact! Waking to a world that despises him, Shinji is torn in his loyalties, confused about his environment, and guilt-ridden by revelations.  In the depths of despair, he meets a young man named Kaworu Nagisa, who may be his salvation, or just lead to more tragedy! Will Shinji ever pilot an Eva unit again? Should he? The next phase of Instrumentality is set in motion and our hero will find that practice may not make perfect!


Batman & Robin Eternal #16 Review



"I told you we'd all fit in the picture." 

A righteous sword burns, a villain heel-face turns, and yet I yearn for this plot thread to adjourn, in this sixteenth issue of DC's weekly Batman disappointment. Still more of Tim & Jason's Awesome Show Great Job, which is just as dreadfully uninteresting as it has been for what seems like forever. To think I was looking forward to seeing their team-up adventures some time ago. Now I just want them both to be erased from continuity. But hey, at least we get some cool flashback material.


I'd like to think Scarecrow was groaning at Dick's quip.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 04 Review


Episode 4, "A Forger's Love"

"Uh, how did steel bars get made from a marble platform?"Ed and Al were subdued by the cast of Newsies.


Synopsis: The brothers come upon a town where an old acquantince of their father, Majihal, lives. Strange disappearances and ghostly apparitions rile up the community and Ed and Al doubt the idea that people are coming back from the dead. However, Majihal is not all that he seems, and a past love moves him to commit terrible atrocities to regain what he lost.

"This episode sucks, and you know it!""Al does SO do things in this series!"

The Herpderp of Herpderp Derpdederpdederp - Episode 21 Review


Episode 21, "Endless Derp (Part 6)"


Synopsis: Herpdaderpdaderpdederpherpderpderp. Derp derp herp de derp herp derp. Herpdederp. Herp derp derf herf derp. Derp de derp. Herpdederpdederp. Herp derp derp derp. Herp derp herp derp herp derp. Herrrrrpdewaaaeeeggghhhh. Derp herp herp.