8 Reasons why the new Sirius XM iPhone app is rip

Some of you may have noticed that today Sirius XM, with some exuberance, released a streaming radio application for the iPhone. Apparently it’s such a huge event that both Sirius’ and XM’s web sites are plastered with the news. While I don’t have an iPhone I don’t need one to know how awful this application is. 1. You already have all of the music, and more Chances are your iPhone is already filled to the brim with music. Whether through a store like iTunes, ripped from your CDs, or a illegal sources, you’ve already found the music you want to listen to. Why instead would you want to listen to a glorified FM channel? Sirius XM’s iPhone app may offer over 120 channels of content but the average listener doesn’t frequent more than five or six channels. Even when you do tune in you’ll find a rather shallow playlist.

The end of radio as we know it...

Radio has been of great influence in American history. Since the early days airwaves have brought new forms of entertainment and new forms of music to our homes, places of work and automobiles. Since the 1920’s the radio waves have born witness to great dramas, the birth of rock and roll, international headlines, the rise and fall of radio personalities and the death of the radio star. Despite these shifts the format has remained strong over the decades… only to fall ill in these past few years; unfortunately, it is with a sickness that may prove fatal.

Bad Dog!

I'm a subscriber to Sirius Satelite Radio. I love satelite radio. Commercial free music with great variety, crisp sound, comedy, sports, radio classics, news, talk. Howard Stern. I wanted satelite radio for years, but got Sirius for Howard Stern. It was the difference between Sirius and XM to me (yeah, Judd, I realize you prefer O&A on XM). So, I'm largely a subscriber because of Howard, and though his show has somewhat waned in quality over the years, he still puts on a good one, and one of the few radio comedy shows I can stick with long term.

FCC closer to allowing XM/Sirius merger, but not without throwing shit into mix

According to Twice the long awaited* XM/Sirius merger is closer to approval from the FCC. Unfortunately they have decided to throw a wrench into the gears with a some bullshit additional requests...
The conditions would require the merged company to include HD Radio on any satellite radio product it subsidizes that also includes an AM/FM tuner, according to an Associated Press report. Stipulations would also include a six-year freeze on service fees and that Sirius and XM devote 25 percent of spectrum to minority and public-interest programming, said the AP. Adelstein’s staff could not confirm the conditions at press time.

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