Otaku Evolution Episode 90 - Tenchi Muyo! OVA 2


Anime's favorite harem returns in six more episodes of Tenchi Muyo!, an OVA increasingly about one character (Washu), and also increasingly not about Tenchi whatsoever. There truly is no need for Tenchi when you've got the Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe, a cute little bundle of trouble house guest, a hive mind creature, a robot clone, a octopus-bearded jerk, and a whole lot of inbred royalty! Oh, and I guess the boy in question occasionally does something.


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Otaku Evolution Episode 37 - Tenchi Muyo! OVA 1 (SERIOUSLY, THIS TIME)


Otaku Evolution 37 - Tenchi Muyo! OVA 1 by ellbell01


What do you get when you take a bland(ish) teen boy, an emotional wreck space pirate, a haughty princess, a precious little sweetheart (who may laugh at your impending doom), a ditzy officer, the Greatest Scientific Genius in the universe, a badass old man, a pervert dad, a cat-rabbit that transforms into a spaceship, and a bunch of magic computer trees?


Wait for me to catch my breath, here.


The Tenchi Muyo Manifesto




Recently, I've been rewatching Tenchi Muyo!, which was a favorite for a while. Nowadays I don't consider it a favorite, but I do have a certain fondness for it, even besides nostalgia. The original two OVAs were both humorous and endearing and there's an immense world of possibilities in them. It really felt like it was going somewhere with it all, and for years waited with anticipation for a follow-up.  Sure, there were two TV series, three movies, and spinoffs, but it was the OVA that really inspired interest from me.