Otaku Evolution Episode 53 - Lupin III: Bye Bye, Lady Liberty


Otaku Evolution Episode 53 - Lupin III: Bye Bye... by ellbell01

Join me as I look at a gravity-defying, science-breaking classic Lupin III Wolf adventure!


Bye Bye, Lady Liberty is available from Discotek.

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Lupin III (2015) Episode 04 Review


Episode 04, "Hand Me My Gun"



Synopsis: Jigen's time to shine! Suffering a toothache, our favorite wide brim-hatted gunman seeks help at a small town hospital, where he befriends a old man named Nino and a lady doctor named Livia. But the town is in the grip of "Non Lethal Eric", a sadist who enjoys to shoot people to see them suffer, and his gang is paying a strictly uninsured visit at the end of pistols! What will Jigen do when his pistol is stolen and his mouth in pain? A Lupin episode sans Lupin, where Jigen may need intensive care!



Lupin III (2015) Episode 03 Review


Episode 03, ".02 Chance of Survival"




Synopsis: Lupin III is in the cross hairs of MI6! The famous thief has set his eyes on the fragment of a diamond necklace made for Marie Antoinette that was hidden in the San Leo prison by Alessandra Cagliostro. But during the visit of a royal visit from the Prince of England to view the treasure, the British Secret Service is eager to remove Lupin from the equation, by any means necessary. So Nix, a determined agent with a license to kill, captures Jigen to lure Lupin. Can our felonious friend Lupin outsmart and outmaneuver an ace on Her Majesty's Secret Service? Lupin prefers his heists shaken, not stirred!


Lupin III (2015) Episode 02 Review


Episode 02, "The False Playmaker"




Synopsis: Professional footballer (that's soccer player for Americans and Japanese) Mario Brozzi has a problem. Not only does he need to dope to get an edge in the game, but gangster Riccardo Mondini has blackmail on him concerning that doping. "San Marino's treasure" Brozzi seeks out the help of Lupin and the gang to steal the photos and records that would indict Brozzi from Mondini, who owns a rival team. Can the world's greatest thief assist the nation's favorite player? What does MI6 have to do with this? And is the carbonara any good? A sly gambit and spirited car chase is all in a day's work for Lupin III!


Lupin III Part I Episode 02 Review


Episode 02, "The Man They Call A Magician"





Synopsis: Fujiko is being pursued by a mysterious and dangerous man, Pycal, who she stole something from. Lupin and Jigen struggle to protect her, but Pycal appears to have strange powers, including being immune to bullets, levitation, and shooting flames from his finger. Though Lupin discovers the secrets behind Pycal's abilities, he appears to fall to his death. But Lupin is clever and turns the tables, using the very same techniques as Pycal to gain an advantage. Pycal is overwhelmed and his secret formula goes down in flames along with him.