Dragon Ball Z Kai- Episode 10 Review


Episode 10, "Wait, Chaozu! Tenshinhan's Screaming Kikouhou"


Synopsis: Kuririn attacks, killing all but one remaining Saibamen (who is dispatched by Piccolo), but not harming either Vegeta or Nappa. Nappa charges up and attacks Tenshinhan, punching his left hand off. Chaozu decides to sacrifice himself, exploding on Nappa, but to no effect. Piccolo and Kuririn attack Nappa, but Gohan is too afraid to. Tenshinhan uses his last ounce of strength to fire an attack at Nappa, but it doesn't harm Nappa, and he dies from exhaustion. Before Nappa can attack the remaining fighters, Vegeta suggests they wait for Goku's arrival. The two Saiyans wait for three hours.