MG Red Frame, Progress


Taking a break from my RX-78-2, I've decided to return to work on my MG Red Frame. Making some good progress now. Lines need a bit more clean up and it's off to decaling.

I forgot how many fucking lines these kits have. The last two days I've gotten crinks in my neck from staring down at this kit for so long.



In Progress - RX-78-2 O.Y.W. 0079 - 1/100 MG - Update I


My first "official" gunpla, started in late February. By official, I mean sanding, inking, and taking my time to carefully build the model, not just speed building it, like I had done with a 1/100 NG Gundam Exia from late May 2009. I know it is already June 1st, and I haven't made a whole lot of process, but that is truly the beauty of modeling. I can just pick up right where I left off; whenever I have free time or want to spend a few hours working on it I can.

Layman's Gunpla Guide - Spray Can Tutorial


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For awhile I tried the simple approach to painting gunpla by using spray cans. It's certainly easier than air brushing since there's no mixing of paints or equipment cleanup afterward. Truth be told, it's possible to achieve great results. Take a look at my MG Nu for example. Unfortunately, there are some negative trade offs vs. using an air brush.