Mechanicore - Tief Stürmer/Deep Striker Kit Review Part 3: Booster Pods and Core Thruster (Steps 6 and 7)


Welcome back to my multi-part review of the of Mechanicore’s 1/100 scale Tief Stürmer. In this section I'm going to review the long booster pod things and the large rear booster.


Mechanicore - Tief Stürmer Review - Booster Pods and Core Booster 11Flickr


Messing around with Gunpla and Coloured Lights


About a week ago I saw this image refereced on Reddit and figured it might be fun to try out a few of those setups on some of my kits starting with the coloured backlighting all the way at the end.

A few weeks ago I redid my photo area, opting for a gray surface in front of black muslin. This created a gap between the table and the backdrop which allows me to throw in a bit of backlighting. I got myself an inexpensive colour changing LED bulb, placed it behind the table, and started taking photos.


Elyn Hobby 1/100 Kshatriya - Torso and Arms Complete


An overwhelming sense of doom.

That's what I'm feeling right now. While I should be pleased that this build is now officially a third of the way complete and things turned out okay I can't get past the fact that the kit's LEDs are royally fucked.

Before I get into that, how about a few pictures...