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Some Vue cinema over in the UK is preparing for the upcoming movie, Hancock. Luckily the construction crew took a break long enough to please our most immature side.

Not sure if they're holding the premier or just really excited. Either way some really lucky usher is going to have a huge cock to take home after the buzz has died down.

Spore: Best and Worst of Creature Creator


With the much anticipated "release" of Spore's Creature Creator fans world wide have begun to craft their own computer generated beings with ease. For better or worse some of these initial creations have taken an odd turn toward the "obscene."

Note that the small PNG's apparently contain the data to load the creature into Spore on your end. I haven't given it a shot yet, but if it works, awesome.

The Best
Zerg (StarCraft)

Alien (Alien)

Strider (Half Life 2)

Bug (Starship Troopers)

Mmmmmm... Change


Huffington Post is reporting on an interesting story, McCain has chosen a new logo and slogan. Let's just say they were a tad "inspired" by Barak Obama's campaign.

The problem is, when I look at McCain's new logo & slogan, something else comes to mind...


Oh, sorry if it looks like shit, 'twas a really quick edit. 30min by my count, made worse by by game six of the Stanley Cup finals. Go Penguins! (Nothing against the Red Wings, but I'm from PA and you have enough god damn Cups)

Digg: What I Learned


Today, the social news site Digg was down for quite some time. Without something to distract me from everyday work all was almost lost... if not for some alternativewebsite suggestions by Digg staff members. These suggestions were pretty straight forward, featuring great time killers like xkcd and Atom Films. Others, however, were able to shine a light on the inside of Kevin Rose's fellow employees...

A one, Brian L., just might be afraid of pentagrams...