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Rants & Raves

Amateurism, theft, ripe at Etownian


I received news today about a little bit of theft and a little bit of crying at Eliziabethtown College's newspaper, the Etownian. It turns out some chap died and the paper decided to dedicate some print and web space to his passing.

Unfortunately the Etownian lacked any proper pictures of the diseased. Written by the ever crafty electronic generation they quickly turned to Facebook for pictures. There’s nothing wrong with using social networking sites to find pictures. It's a great tool for the lazy reporter. These days who has the time of day to contact relatives for a proper photo?

Apparently they're also too lazy to credit the photographs they used.

The pictures published by the Etownian in their print edition and online were not credited to their photographer.

My Favorite Vidya Games


Penguin Truth's Top 25 Favorite Vidya Games

I'm quite fond of video games. I'm not really a "gamer" the way others are, mostly because I've never been all that good at them. Seriously, I suck out loud at video games. They won't even let me in arcades. It doesn't help that folks who are good at video games make you feel like worthless trash if you aren't as good as they are at playing them. It's very discouraging. Still, there are a lot of video games I've enjoyed in my twenty five years of life.

And here's the top 25! I'll provide some reasoning for the top ten.

1. Chrono Trigger (SNES) (1995) (Squaresoft)/Chrono Trigger DS (DS) (2008) (Square Enix)

Penguin Truth's Somewhat Incomplete Gundam Tier Chart Part 1: Do Not Want



Tier Review: God Tier - High Tier - Mid Tier - Low Tier - Shit Tier

Now, the concept of ranking anime programs via tiers is a pasttime of the people on 4chan. Well, actually, they do it with various types of media, and even people and music. Usually tiers lead to a lot of shitstorms, though, and generally tier threads are (and should be treated as) troll threads. Tier threads are absolutely awful, mostly because the rankings go unexplained and they lack the nuance of a more ordered numbering system. Still, those tier charts are tempting to attempt.

So, with Gundam anime, I've decided to compromise, and try my hand at one of these things, but also provide reason for my decisions as to where to rank each entry. Now, as I have yet to finish watching some of these, or haven't watched one or two for a long while, the list remains "open" to a degree. There's some possibility for mobility, as well as reconsideration for most of what's on here. So keep that in mind when you're reading this.

Tier charts are usually divided into a few different tiers. Here I've divided it into the popular ranks of "God Tier", "High Tier", "Mid Tier", "Low Tier", and "Shit Tier". "God Tier" being the tier in which, in my opinion, the best Gundam anime are in, whereas "Shit Tier" has the worst Gundam has to offer. Since I enjoy ending on a high note, let's begin with the worst of the worst, the Shit Tier.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Tribute - Part One: Believing A Sign of Zeta


I wanna have a pure time. Everyone's a noble mind.

There's no doubt that I'm a fan of the Gundam franchise. For years, I've watched the programs, collected the DVDs, downloaded the pictures, read the notes, and pieced together the models (though, poorly). I've immersed myself in the world of giant robots, angst-ridden teen pilots, colony drops, and downer endings for quite a while now. I have definite opinions on mechanical designs, plotlines, and alternate continuities. I'd like to think that most of them are well-informed by my experiences in Gundam fandom.