L/R: Licensed by Royalty Episode 07 – Ivory Island Escapades


Man, Jack and Rowe must be having a most intense staring contest with one another in that shot.

Jumping into the thick of things, it is up to L/R to continue their mission to find and detain the elusive Angel, who was not Jack’s old flame after all. After some detective work, given the use of old Ivory Island songs, they decide to well… go to Ivory Island. This means we not only see Noelle again, but also get a ground-level view of her island. I guess Ivory Island is supposed to be a takeoff on the hinterlands of the UK, given Ishtar’s propensity to appropriate Anglo-Saxon culture? It makes me wish I knew where Ishtar was on a map since it has already ran the gamut of various geographic locales from mountain ranges, deserts, and now temperate island zones. This all seems very ill-defined and as a result is off-putting, at least to me anyway. Ishtar is such an isolated microcosm.

L/R: Licensed by Royalty Episode 06 – Plotting on Up


Talk about your super serial episode here, folks. I think we might be picking things up given the goings on here. Ivory Island is back in the show again, with major terrorist attacks on a mining facility and a major official of the corporation who owns it. Now it’s up to L/R to figure out who this bomb maker is and put a stop to him/her before they destroy their next target.

Otaku Evolution Episode 95 - Ninja Nonsense


Anime comedies are a strange beast. Not only can they be completely outside of Western cultural context, but oftentimes they're heavily rewritten by the dub studio the licensor employs for NA release. So, that in mind, how does an anime like Ninja Nonsense, which is fairly faithfully dubbed hold up in the humor department? I'll take a look at it in this video. Also, I guess there's some kind of flashback and an extra bit at the end. If Pen Pen is holding the camera, how is all that extra footage getting recorded? Hm.

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