Batman Eternal #6 Review


Gotham gets just a little bit creepier in this installment of DC's ongoing Batman weekly, when it looks like one of the worst characters in DC history is leading some kind of limb-chopping cult and The Spectre is on the case.


"I use an Nth Metal condom when I screw Zatanna. Or, at least I tell her that."

Batman is a skeptical fellow. A rational mind, even if he is, at his core, driven somewhat driven by emotion. The problem with that rationality is that it's often in conflict with some of the more bizarre things in the DC universe. However, here we can see that even though he doesn't necessarily understand the supernatural, he at least understands that those forces indeed exist, and has planned at least as far as using Nth Metal against forces like the Gentleman Ghost. It's the young Luke Fox, Batwing, who seems to be even more skeptical, probably due to his lack of experience, thus making his buddy-cop team up with Jim Corrigan have a bit more flavor than just having the stern Dark Knight and a supernatural entity pair for a case. It'll give Batwing something to do now that his book has been cancelled (I know I didn't read it).


"Yes, yes, I've read all the dead baby jokes in that book. I was... researching Joker."


Speaking of our merry band of themed misfits, it seems Dr. Phosphorous... or is it Corrosive Man?... is getting plenty of play in this issue. He doesn't actually say anything, mind you, but he's being put to work underground, blowing shit up. My personal theory is he's creating an underground alchemy array ala FMA so his master can swallow Truth. But then, would that make his master... Joker's Daughter?

I don't want to go out on a limb here, but give her a hand for trying.


Fucking. Joker's. Daughter. For those of you not entirely familiar with the concept, once upon a time there was a character who went around looking like the Joker, calling herself Joker's Daughter. She was actually Duela Dent, Two-Face's daughter, but she hated her father so much, she decided to model herself off of an entirely different supervillain. Then it turned out she was from another universe. Then she was killed in Countdown. Then the universe was rebooted for the New 52 and she's currently some weird masochist girl who intentionally scarred herself and now walks around wearing Joker's actual, real, cut off face, that seems like the most durable skin ever. Eh, maybe it's the chemicals in it.


She was in a terrible Villains Month one-shot nobody liked and a bunch of issues of Catwoman nobody read. She's basically been a terrible character from Day 1.


She says she wants to "bring the man back", but what man? The Joker? How is cutting off the limbs of Arkham patients going to summon Joker back? Guy fell off a cave cliff and you're wearing his damn face right now. Odds are, even if he's still around, he's not thinking of starting a limb collection. I do hope he emerges to claim his face, violently.


Anyway, one of the trucks of weapons Batman's been tracking blows up at the end of the issue while the Batmobile is speeding down the road. Can our hero avoid the burn?

"Uh.. OnStar?"


Uh... yes. Yes he can.


Next issue: Penguin in peril!


- Penguin Truth

Story: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Script: James Tynion IV
Consulting Writers: John Layman, & Tim Seeley
Art By: Trevor McCarthy
Colors By: Guy Major
Lettering By: Taylor Esposito
Cover By: Andy Kubert & Brad Anderson
Editor: Katie Kubert
Group Editor: Mark Doyle
Batman Created By Bob K--AHAHAHAHA, NO. Batman Created By Bill Finger

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