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Cross Ange Episode 23 – Is the Misurugi Empire’s Princess a serial skidder?

I think deep down that’s what all of us are thinking. In light of the final battle, of all the keepsakes Ange could give to Tusk as a good luck charm, she gives him a freshly worn pair of panties. To be sure, the only major keepsake she has is the ring but she needs to use it for the Vilkiss, but still. I’m betting if there was an alternate ending to the show (in the vein of Fukuda’s purported plan for SEED to end in a super murderfest), I would want it that Ange dies and Tusk in despair takes the panties out of his pocket and sees that the Princess needs some control in certain areas.

Anyway, on a narrative level there is very little to hate this week. Ange reunites with everybody on the Aurora, and takes care of business on a number of fronts. She quickly buries the hatchet with Riza, which may seem rushed but then again she probably knows that Riza was focusing on finding Aura all discreet-like as an assistant to Julio. Ange pretty much nails it on finally snapping Commander Jill out of her funk, and comforts Hilda when she reveals a moment of vulnerability to Ange. The last part is the big highlight of the episode, as it reinforces the bond Hilda and Ange began to have so many episodes ago, bringing them to some pleasant terms and hopes before the final battle.

What I like about all this is that Ange, despite the last few episodes, still retains her ability to stand up against the lot of people. While a bit more open in her caring, she maintains intolerance to bullshit and doesn’t let anybody get away with it. This isn’t relegated only to Jill, but to her RaCripSisPrin and some random nobles who cannot even function without Mana, turning ever so quickly on the aforementioned when she truthfully tells them she doesn’t know. Then when they try to do the same to Ange and she refuses, she promptly shoots one of them in the forehead, drives RaCripSisPrin into wetting herself, then coerces (by that I mean shoot) her not to be a fucking baby about the accident as she can actually walk. Kindof a random development, but I guess it can be said it is a damning indictment of how infantile Mana users are, blaming everybody for their problems instead of doing things themselves. It makes me wonder if Ange’s mother and father also knew about it, but that’s irrelevant as both are quite dead, Ange openly declares never wanting to see her sister again, and two more episodes are left.

*sniffle* Sorry, it’s heartening (despite being at times goofy) to see Ange come into her own as the leader of the last rebellion against Embryo. Although speaking of goofy….

Jesus Christ, the animation in this episode. Given how the previous episode was so flashback heavy, I expected most of the budget would go into the next episode and onward. Turns out it is not the case, as this episode not only has repeated mecha battles up the wazoo (although deep down kinda expected since it is Fukuda), but very strange off-model characters and missing bits of animation. One minute the Aurora has already taken off from the sea, but in the next scene as it begins to prepare launching the Paramails it is back in the water, and then when Commander Jill sorties after immediately transforming it just CUTS to her being a badass instead of a seamless transition to that. It’s outrageous that the episode is this bad at the premiere, but on the other hand… it’s kinda vintage Cross Ange in how no matter if it looks incomplete or absurd, it will tell its story to the best of its abilities. It makes me wish they don’t alter this for the Blu-Ray release so the crappy animation can be showcased. If they do however, at the very least they can make it an alternate angle.

Either way, it’s the final countdown. We’ve got three major matchups to look forward to next week: Commander Jill vs. Salia; Embryo vs. Tusk; and Rosalie & Hilda vs. Chris. Then we have Salamandinay and Ange racing against time to free Aura. As usual, I can’t make heads or tails of the preview based on the visuals never mind Ersha making the mistake of trying to make it a proper one, but I’m betting it’s at the very least going to be fun.

Just… hopefully it has a budget this time.

Rondo of Notes:

  • Lot of collateral damage in terms of civilian casualties when the Dawn Pillar was obliterated. That’s fine, those people kinda sucked.
  • They’re still avoiding how Tusk survived. Embryo remarked about it and all Tusk says is “Ange’s Knight is invincible!” That doesn’t answer the question, Not-Kira.
  • Ha! Hilda calls Salamandinay the same name I called her before I found out her full name: DRAGON Princess (Dora-hime).


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