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Cross Ange Episode 25 [FINAL] – Interdimensional Post-Birth Abortion


For the record, that subtitle can apply either to your feelings to the anime if it has remained negative to the end, or the events that will transpire in the episode involving Mr. Nice God.

Well, we’re finally at the end of Cross Ange and boy did this episode excite even if it didn’t explain much in lurid detail. While Embryo’s past is finally revealed, the details of something like the Whoremonic Convergence (the one involving many alternate universes with the Cross Ange cast) are barely touched upon. I guess Embryo’s plan to perfect the world is the first of possibly many, given how his inordinate focus between the World of Mana and the World of DRAGONs. Kindof disappointing really, as he could have mentioned that he is eager to apply his trade to the rest of the multiverse when he becomes able. Maybe something will come for this in a theatrical movie or extras, as per the last episode preview, but for now it is disappointing.

Fortunately it does not have a deleterious effect on the episode, as it manages to close off the series in the most spectacular way. Once the rescue team of Tusk, Salamandinay, Hilda, and Salia make it through to the other side then it becomes rather thrilling.  Fukuda actually fulfills the promise made in the 2nd OP of Tusk fighting Embryo in a sword battle, while Ange and the rest face off against the Dark Ragnamail. After a long line of rather average mecha battles throughout the series, the entire final fight makes for an exhilarating spectacle that just gets better once Salia and Hilda really get into it. The atypical Sunrise mecha conversation between protagonist and antagonist also makes for more entertainment, as Ange really lays into Embryo about his rather pathetic status (even calling him a hikikomori, but we’ll get to that later). After really laying into how anti-authoritarian and defiant humans are (could’ve sworn I heard all that on Kill La Kill) she then goes into a rather interesting explanation about why Norma exist and why they’re all women. No, we never do get a scientific answer for that particular matter (and we never will), but Ange posits that its human genes silently rejecting Embryo’s plans for mankind on the first part. On the second part, it is because those Norma will give birth to children they will love unconditionally despite a lack of genetic perfection. It ain’t much, but it does have a nice metaphysical “bigger than all of us” vibe that is in tune with Ange’s development. It is less so with Mr. Tuner.

Speaking of Mr. Tuner, no I wasn’t really outraged by Embryo’s acts doing the middle part of the show. One reason is because it ends quickly, another because it reveals another dimension to the character when he is at wit’s end, and three, Ange’s defiance throughout. The way she stared at Embryo singing her song reminded me of the turning point where my opinion on Ange’s character changed to “LOL, Lord, what a bitch!” to “LOL, Lord, what a bitch! But goddamn she’s hell of a one!” That’s in Episode 10 where she was on the verge of being executed, and instead of lamenting her fate, she starts singing the song and maintaining defiance to the last before Tusk rescued her. I’m glad this dimension of her is kept in the final episode, and shows that she really is one of a kind. Guarantee you, she’ll be one of those female anime characters that will be remembered and talked about for the longest time.

Also with regards to Embryo being some social commentary given the hikikomori comment made by Ange? Meh. It is if you want it to be. I didn’t get that feeling after checking it again, since Ange seemed to use it in a general term with regards to Embryo’s isolation from the world on Arzenal. Shit guys, this is an anime where all the episode previews mostly consists of fourth wall banter between characters about how dark the show began, what it’s like to have short hair, and proper pairing names. Do whatever you wish with it.

The ending? I’m totally cool with it (even Sylvia kindof redeeming herself, Cross Ange-style). These girls (and guy) have had a lot of shit to deal with since the beginning, so by and large they deserve all the happiness after defeating Embryo. Maybe it could’ve been a bit longer, maybe they could’ve covered the discomforting fact that they can’t necessarily repopulate well with only one guy on DRAGON Earth, maybe a lot of things. But you know what? I don’t think that is much of a concern at the end of the day. Whatever happens, they’ll do just fine, and what is shown is more than enough for me, right down to that final shot. For a nice comparison, juxtapose the last shot of the first episode and the last shot of the finale. The way I see it, it is all worthwhile.

So yeah, an awesome ending it is to a pretty… awesome show. What a real trip the series was, running the gamut from being awesomely dark to awesomely bonkers to awesomely epic, even with all the questionable scenes and shitty animation. I’d say more but I’ll leave the rest of my thoughts for another article when I look at the series as a whole. But still, wow. What a way to go out.

Final Rondo of Notes:

  • Aura’s voiced by Murrue Ramius herself, Mitsuishi Kotono. Oh, Fukuda.
  • Was this really necessary at this juncture of the show? Yes. Yes it was. (Your boss is looking over your shoulder. I suggest you don't click it until you clock out, fyi)
  • Hilda’s reaction in the background while Ange and Tusk were conversing was adorable.


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