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Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 23 Review

Episode 23, "Vegeta's Secret Maneuvering! The Namekians are Tragically Attacked", or "Wow, Namekians Are Boring."


Synopsis: Gohan and Kuririn confirm that Vegeta has indeed come to Namek, and are nearly discovered by them. Gohan and Kuririn arrive back at the cave where they left Bulma, where she tells them that Goku is on his way to Namek. Vegeta terrorizes a village, demanding its Dragon Ball. He kills the villagers and takes their Dragon Ball. After hiding the Dragon Ball underwater, he goes off looking for more, while Zarbon is set by Freeza to do the same.


The Namekians have just been not having a good time of it in the past few episodes. Freeza's henchmen kill them and now Vegeta's killing them. He seems to quite enjoy it, too. These guys just did not know what was coming to them, now did they? Poor green bastards.

Gohan and Kuririn get the same news Bulma recieved last episode, that Goku is on his way, and it relieves them. They all spend a lot of time with Dende, discovering a few things about him and the Namekian people. For one, Dende reveals that Namekians don't eat and don't have genders. So, really, neither Dende nor Piccolo are actually a "he". It's sort of a case of "it", but for convenience, I'll continue to refer to him as a male. I don't see any particularly female-seeming Namkian, anyway.

Of interest is the fact that when Vegeta finds the Dragon Ball, it's the four-star ball, and it's on a special pedestal. That does remind you of something? If you're a fan of the original Dragon Ball, then it should.

If it makes you feel any better, Vegeta gets his ass beat in the next episode.

Overall Score:

3 out of 5

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