Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 70


Episode 70, "A Devious Trick, the Taiyo-ken! Chase After the Artificial Human Cell", or "Dickisode"

That whole set up just to play Starcraft 2. "I'll keep my penis in here, because as a mad scientist, I don't want to be distracted by masturbation."

Synopsis: Cell explains that Dr. Gero was collecting the cells of the greatest warriors to make a bio-android from them, but abandoned the project for the computer to finish. The cells were collected by a small robot similar to the ones that observed Goku. Cell reveals that he has to absorb Artificial Humans 17 and 18 to attain his perfect form, but in the future he came from, they'd been destroyed, so he killed Trunks and stole his time machine, then coverted himself into egg form as he activated the time machine to come to this past. His questions answered, Piccolo pulls off his worthless arm and regenerates it, preparing to fight Cell again. Cell realizes that Piccolo and Kami have fused, and says that the Dragon Balls are gone, so nobody can come back to life if killed. Trunks and Kuririn arrive at the scene, but Cell escapes by using Tenshinhan's Taiyo-ken technique. Vegeta speeds towards Gingertown wanting to know what's going on. Cell encounters a sports team on the road to Nickytown, but kills and absorbs them. Vegeta arrives in Gingertown, angry that Piccolo has surpassed his own power. Tenshinhan arrives as well. Piccolo explains to everyone the situation.

"These screenshots still have the time stamp? You suck, Mike."Cell, pictured here making evolution his bitch.

Some of the music in this episode feels so anemic. Especially when Cell was explaining in a flashback where he came from. It was so dull and didn't support the interesting tale being told. I actually like a few of the pieces used, but felt like they've been used so often, they'd been tired out. You could say this sort of thing happened frequently in Z, too, with Kikuchi's score, but I never felt so bored with that music as I have with this stuff. I liked the use of the piece used when Cell first attacked the sports team, though. Still gives Cell this horror movie monster feel, which he's still somewhat like.

Speaking of that sports team, what exactly is "battle ball"? Is that some futuristic sport, like Rollerball, or The Running Man? Is it like the Battle Room in Ender's Game? (Hey, didn't that sport in Batman Beyond remind you of the Battle Room?) Maybe it's like Mutant League Football. Or maybe it's just football with spikey shoulder pads.

I thought it was interesting that Cell cited his Saiyan cells as being the reason he was so eager to seek out his Perfect form. In fact, he was already the most powerful being in his timeline, so it would hardly have mattered, but Saiyans strive to be the strongest they can, regardless of reason. You certainly can't accuse Cell of laziness. He's very active in achieving his ambition. Imagine if he had received cells from Yajirobe.

Also, penis

A pleasant drive through Cagliostro."Ah, good. A Roy Rogers is up ahead. Love that place."  

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5