Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 75


Episode 75, "Unmeasured Power! The Silent Warrior No. 16 Makes his Move" or "QUALITY Time Between Siblings"

REMASTERED Colonscopy camera footage, on the next Dragon Ball Kai!


Synopsis: Cell attacks Artificial Human 17, trying to absorb him. Artificial Human 16 attacks Cell, with surprising effectiveness. However, 17 arrogantly refuses to run away. Cell uses the opportunity to sneak up behind him and absorb him. Cell transforms then, reaching his next step towards his "perfect form". 16 tries to escape with 18, but Cell fires a blast that damages his head. When things look desperate, Tenshinhan begins his own attack on Cell.



What's with the horrible art quality in the first half of this episode? There are so many moments of QUALITY, even in the actual motion of animation, it's obvious and ridiculous. Apparently the key animator, Uchiyama Masayuki, is known for subpar work in this section of Dragon Ball Z. Normally I simply dismiss this type of thing as being Toei cheapness/early 90s TV animation, but this is blatent. And the "touching up" of certain parts only made it more obvious.

Hikaru Midorikawa sure got a real work out in this episode. He plays both Tenshinhan and Artificial Human 16, and you can clearly hear it. I think it's funny that they chose him to play both since they both are the only characters to do anything against Cell in this episode. I am not a huge fan of Midorikawa's Tenshinhan. I know, Tenshinhan is not such a bit part of Z, and Midorikawa is generally good enough, but Hirotaka Suzuoki is missed, especially when Tenshinhan begins to attack Cell (took him long enough... he probably could have done real damage if he had tried that attack on first form Cell).

Come to think of it, if all three Artificial Humans had teamed up with Tenshinhan, they probably could have taken Cell down before he absorbed 17. But DBZ characters are stupidly honor bound to fight one-on-one. Wait, it's more than that. 18 just kind of stands there while 17 is getting pounded, seemingly unconcerned with his well being. Kind of a bitch, isn't she? I know 17 said he didn't need help, but come on.

Anyway, now Wakamoto... er, I mean Cell, is in his "Semi-Perfect" form, so he can start talking a lot more haughty without worrying about sounding like a monster. Though in Semi-Perfect form he sounds a bit more low class.
A good episode, but it loses points for its shitty visuals.

YOU GONNA GET CELL'DBest Tenshinhan moment ever.

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5

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