Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 76


Episode 76, "Tenshinhan's Do-or-Die Shin Kikoho! Save Your Brother-in-Arms, Son Goku"

"Guys... guys. I am SO HIGH right now.""Annnnnd that's the last time I'll mean anything."


Synopsis: Tenshinhan continues firing Shin Kikoho at Cell, knocking him back into a hole made by the blast. Artificial Human 18 helps 16 up and they escape from the island. Eventually Tenshinhan runs out of energy and falls to the ground. Cell emerges from the crater, angry. He kicks Tenshinhan. Goku uses his teleportation technique to appear between Cell and Tenshinhan. He admits that he's no match for Cell, but tells him to wait a day and he will be able to defeat him. Suddenly Goku detects Piccolo's ki. He pulls Piccolo out of the water and teleports both of his allies away to Kami's palace before Cell can hit him. Cell flies off to find 18. Kuririn meets with Bulma in the air and she gives him the shut off controller. But she instructs him that he has to be close by to use it. Kuririn takes controller and heads back as Bulma flies her jet to Kami's palace. Piccolo and Tenshinhan recover thanks to senzu. Vegeta and Trunks emerge from the Room of Spirit and Time. Vegeta is supremely confident he can destroy Cell and the other Artificial Humans himself. Bulma arrives and gives special Saiyan-style armor to Vegeta and the others (Piccolo and Tenshinhan turn it down). Vegeta flies off to find Cell and Trunks follows after getting two senzu from Goku. Cell searches for 18 among the nearby islands, screaming out to her that he will destroy each island one by one until she appears. From where they're hiding,16 assures 18 that Cell will not destroy her, as he desires to reach his ultimate form. To prove his point, Cell destroys an island.

"Piccolo, you're becoming a real fatty."DENIED! 

Tenshinhan gets his moment to shine by attacking Cell with an onslaught of Shin Kikohos, willing to sacrifice his life to help 18 escape. By no small miracle he managed to survive not only using the attack so many times, but Cell's abuse, as well. He very nearly didn't, but luckily Goku got fed up and used the Instantaneous Movement technique.

Of course, with that logic, why not just teleport Cell to another planet? There's no reason he has to be on Earth. It would at least buy Goku and the gang time enough to train to where they can beat Cell, or hell, even the other Artifical Humans.
It still bothers me that the Artificial Humans have "unlimited energy". Especially since they can easily be shut down with a controller. But wait, since they're part biological, wouldn't that only shut down their robotic parts? Or are their robotic parts so meshed into their bilogical components that shutting them down would shut that down, too?

Another question I have is, how did Mr. Popo know Vegeta and Trunks were about to leave the Room of Spirit and Time? He calls everyone over because he says they're about to leave the room, but the door knob didn't so much as turn until they all got there. Was he just counting the hours they could stay in and guessed?

I like how Goku has absolutely no objection to wearing Saiyan armor. (Or is it Freeza armor? Did the Saiyans adopt the armor Freeza's soldiers had been wearing, or was that armor originally Saiyan? I find it hard to believe it was originally the Saiyans' idea.) Piccolo and Tenshinhan won't wear the same armor Freeza and other murderers wore, but Goku's like, "Eh, whatever. Hey, it sure fits well!" It's just like him to just accept it.


Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5

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