Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 79


Episode 79, "And So, The Situation Takes a Turn for the Worst... Cell Attacks No. 18!", or "A Perfect Storm Of Idiocy"

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"Aw, Kuririn... it looks like you stepped into a steaming pile of stupid.


Synopsis: Vegeta wants to allow Cell to obtain his "perfect form" in order to have a worthy opponent. Trunks, however, objects. Kuririn destroys the shut down controller Bulma made and urges Artificial Human 18 to make her escape. Cell, his path blocked by Trunks, spots 18. Cell manges to elude Trunks and 18 begins to make her escape with Kuririn. However, Cell appears. Vegeta keeps Trunks from stopping Cell. Trunks gets upset and fires a powerful attack at Vegeta. Cell easily takes 18's attacks and closes in on her. Trunks jumps in and attacks Cell. Cell uses a Taiyo-ken and blinds everyone in the area. Then he absorbs 18 at his luxury. Cell changes into his "perfect form".

Cell's famous "Astounded Jay Leno" face."I refuse to be refreshed."

A lot of people point to this portion of the story as a reason for why the Cell arc isn't very good, because they feel like Kuririn and Vegeta's actions are wallbangers and a convenience to lead to Cell attaining his Perfect Form. But I disagree with this. Both of them did what they are known for. Kuririn is sentimental and falls for a pretty face easily. He was probably also expecting Vegeta to win his bout with Cell. Vegeta is even more understandable. His supreme confidence paired with his Saiyan blood and the opportunity to face an even stronger opponent overrides any amount of reason he might have. We're talking about a guy who was egging Freeza on to transform. So fine, yeah, this was all set up so that Cell would obtain his Perfect Form, but in a way that isn't a stretch at all. None of these actions are out of character for either Kuririn or Vegeta.

Of course, it still means that they're both being utterly retarded, but hell, the characters in DBZ aren't known for their reason.
I love Trunks firing a beam at Vegeta. It's probably my favorite part of the episode, other than Vegeta floating in the water after being blasted. But shouldn't Vegeta be a little proud of his son for having the balls to do that? I thought it was great when Vegeta was so confident that Trunks wouldn't dare fire on his father, but Trunks meant business and Vegeta gets this look on his face like, "Oh shit, he would." Good job, Trunks. Take your dad down a peg. He can't get away with being a complete asshole to everyone.

Why does everybody fall for the Taiyo-kent technique? Nobody ever seems to see it coming, even if they have experience using it. You would think that Kuririn would, after spotting Cell flying up near the sun, would instinctively cover his eyes, but no. Kuririn, you use the fucking technique! If anything's a wallbanger it's this bullshit that everyone is so retarded they always get hit by that technique. It works every damn time.

"Vogue!"A perfect ending for the episode. 

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5 

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