Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 84 Review


Episode 84, "Training Completed! Does Goku have the Composure to Defeat Cell?!"

Meet the Jetsons..."Look, you know you're a loser, Kuririn. Embrace it. I have."


Synopsis: People panic over Cell's announcement and cities evacuate. Kuririn blames himself for the current situation and tries to go fight Cell, but Roshi forbids him. At Kami's palace, Goku and Gohan emerge from the Room of Spirit and Time, both in their Super Saiyan forms. Bulma discovers that Artificial Human 16 was built soley to kill Goku, but her father assures him that his true nature is gentle. After being caught up on current events, Goku changes back into his usual gi. Piccolo gives Gohan clothing like his. Goku teleports over to Cell in his arena. The two exchange some words and stare each other down. He teleports away. Goku admits he's not sure he can win, but turns down the opportunity to go in again. He says that he and Gohan are done. Everyone is surprised. Goku and Gohan take off, but stop by Karin's place. Goku asks Karin to gauge his power and compare it to Cell's. He powers up, then settles down, saying it's about half of his energy. Karin says that Cell is still likely more powerful. Goku isn't surprised or concerned and the two teleport away, leaving Karin to wonder. They appear on Kame Island to get Chi-Chi, who is shocked when she sees her son, thinking he dyed his hair.

Like father like son. "Oh, I'm sorry. You were expecting me to dress like you? Ahahaha, no thanks, you negligent prick."


Aw, Gohan wanted Piccolo's clothing. I guess Goku isn't at all insulted that his son sees Piccolo as his father figure. He doesn't seem bothered at all that Gohan is right there in front of him, beaming over his new threads. He looks right at Goku after, too, as if to say, "Piccolo is my real father, you worthless sack of stupid." Way to rub it in, Gohan, you little jerk.

Speaking of worthless fathers, Dr. Brief's assurance to Bulma that 16 is gentle makes me wonder if he's just gentle when it comes to everything else but Goku. Yeah, when he later meets Goku, he doesn't make move against him, but for all we know, Bulma did some reprogramming. I wonder, though, why certain Red Ribbon Artificial Humans are so nice. Dr. Gero must really suck. The only Artificial Human he made that would work for hiim was #19, and he got scrapped pretty quickly.

Goku sure is confident and calm and as usual isn't telling anyone anything. No wonder everybody is so aggravated with him. It must be difficult to be his friend. I wonder when the last time he's even visited Karin. Gohan seems to know Karin, even though he's never visited him in canon. I really wish Yajirobe had some sort of role again.

Holy shit, the art in the second half of this episode is horrendous, especailly in certain specific shots. This isn't even out of context or a screencap of an action moment. It's just pure garbage. The episode loses some points for that, and for the relative lack of anything important going on.


Overall Score:

3 out of 5