Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 89 Review

Episode 89, "A Battle of the Highest Level! Defeat Cell, Son Goku"
"So, I just stand here and be useless? This is a huge step down for me. I'm used to actually being of use.""Ah! I already saw this fight... like, 20 years ago!"


Synopsis: Goku and Cell continue their battle, the speed and ferocity increasing. Cell expresses his delight in the match. Cell decides that he tires of the rules he set down, not wanting to be limited by the ring. Goku realizes what he's about to do and warns everyone else. Cell destroys the ring, stating that the world is the ring now. Goku flies into the air and powers up a full power Kamehameha. Cell is sure he won't fire, because it could destroy the planet. Goku teleports at the last moment, and appears right before Cell, firing the beam, blowing off the top of Cell's body. It looks like Goku has triumphed. However, Goku can still since his ki. Cell regenerates his body. They continue their fight. As Muten Roshi watches on TV, Bulma arrives at his house. Piccolo notices that the two combatants have lost a great deal of ki. Goku fires several volleys of ki blasts at Cell.

On slow days at the OTB, they bet on which cloud is faster.TOTALLY NOT A RED RIBBON ROBOT

The fight really intensified in this episode, with some of my favorite action in the series. I really liked a lot of the angles used. It really is edge-of-your-seat action at times. And I love Goku's creative use of the Shinkan Ido technique. He combined his new technique with his usual one, showing that Goku indeed does evolve as a fighter. It's too bad he didn't finish Cell off while he was on the ground. This is Goku we're talking about, so it's no shock.

I love a lot of the "camera" work in this episode, the frantic jumping around during the speed fighting, the focus changes, the pans and follows. It's really a lot better than you'd expect of this show (and to think, it was this good back in ol' DBZ).

Is it just me or is there some blood censorship going on in this episode?

I never noticed this in the various times I've seen these episodes, but Artificial Human 16 has a Capsule Corporation patch over his Red Ribbon Army logo. I guess that's Bulma's way of putting her own mark on her work. But why a patch? Just repaint over the damn thing. It was probably an afterthought, though.

A pretty good episode overall. I found the action to be exciting, the art/animation improved for the most part (some of the shots are actually gorgeous), and the music was utilized better. I just hope it holds up this well for the coming episodes.

This shot is just fucking awesome. No witty caption here.The money shot!

Overall Score:

4.5 out of 5

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